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Some days ago i saw this post of Captain Paul Watson on his Facebook wall with the title “The sixth extinction”. This text is so true and important and i want to share that with you. We all have to read, understand and act!

“So now it’s official. This is the age of the Anthropocene. The Sixth Extinction. Finally the Scientific Community has recognized officially what they have known for decades.

During the Seventies when I said this, I was told I was out of my mind. During the Eighties when I wrote that we would lose more species of plants and animals by 2065 than we have lost in the last 65.2 million years I was told I was crazy. During the Nineties when I continued to write about this I was told I was a “delusional left wing wacko.” And this mainly by people who thought Humanity was kicked out of a mythical garden by a talking snake for eating an apple.

But now it’s official. Not that humanity as a whole really gives a shit. We will continue destroying habitat, spewing out pollution, slaughtering wildlife, eating hamburgers, increasing our populations, going gaga over Kim’s ass, manufacturing more useless crap, and denying reality like climate change, species extinction and habitat destruction.

We’re all responsible. If you have a birth Certificate you’re guilty. We’re all hypocrites by varying degrees of complicity. The question is; what the hell are we going to do about it? The choices are to continue to ignore reality as we continue to amuse ourselves or actually get down and dirty to do something about it. We really are just a bunch of self-centred conceited silly little monkeys on a spinning ball of mud obsessed with trivialities while denying ecological reality.

But hey, we are all that we’ve got, and somehow we need to find a way to survive. Despite my affliction of comprehending ecological realities I have always been an optimist, primarily because there is little happiness to be found in pessimism. There is no future in global suicide. I believe we can find impossible solutions to impossible problems but we simply need to find a way to extract our head out of our collective asses and to learn to smell the perfume of nature instead, to see beyond our own anthropocentric conceits and to realize that we share this planet with millions of other species that we depend upon for our own survival.

There are only two kinds of humans on this planet. The Anthropocentrics that believe this world was created solely for humanity to be used in any way we desire, that we are the only species that counts, and whose guiding instincts are selfishness, arrogance and an amazing ignorance of the laws of ecology.

And there are the biocentrics that understand that we are a part of nature, that we need and that we are interdependent with all other species, that we are not superior to them and that we are subject to the laws of ecology. We biocentrics are the minority but we are the only hope for the future because if we are going to survive as a species, we will only be able to do so if biodiversity itself survives. The diminishment of biodiversity diminishes humanity.

If the Forests die, we die!
If the bees die, we die!
If the Ocean dies, we die.
If we compare ecology to a baseball game, the situation is this.

It’s the 9th inning and humanity has just played their last play. The score is tied. Nature is up to bat now and their bases are loaded and Nature’s equivalent of Babe Ruth has just stepped up to the plate.

It does not look good. But then again miracles can happen.”