After 15 years in business i am now a consultant and changemaker for a better future, sustainable ecosystems and a value-based society.

Therefore i co-founded Future Flux and MySocialCity.

Future Flux is an innovation lab to create sustainable and meaningful innovations for companies and NGOs. Our design-led process and methods underline our values like creativity, curiosity and diversity.

At MySocialCity we analyze the behaviour between citizen and public administration. Our mission is to develop new and innovative interactions to improve identification, engagement and participation.

Revolution oder Resignation?

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Das Jahr 2015 war für mich geprägt von der zentralen und zermürbenden Frage, ob wir eigentlich “noch alle Tassen im Schrank haben”. Wir meint in diesem Fall die Menschheit und jeden einzelnen von uns – überall auf der Welt. Und…

It does not look good and we are all responsible

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Some days ago i saw this post of Captain Paul Watson on his Facebook wall with the title “The sixth extinction”. This text is so true and important and i want to share that with you. We all have to…

Say hello to future flux

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For more than ten years I worked in a digital agency – as a member of the board and being responsible for 100 people I quitted. Since 2011 I am a free consultant for digital business strategies with really a lot…