One of my new personal projects is growing faster than expected – and i love it. Based on my time at the university i have a passion for the effect of political communication to people and in the last month i focused my view to the local communication system of cities. The combination of both guided me to the question, if a better and open communication between the political system, the government and the citizen can lead to a more “social” city.




A big load of fortune creates a team (hello Svenja, Juliane, Franziska!) around my idea and so we started the project based on the process of design thinking. On Sunday the 26th this month we have the possibility to introduce to a very special audience in Wiesbaden during the “Visonärer Frühschoppen” (in english something like the “visionary morning pint”) – on the stage with the new mayor of Wiesbaden. This is very cool 😉

So, stay tuned on


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Sascha is a changemaker for social change and wants to create new solutions for a better society.