For more than ten years I worked in a digital agency – as a member of the board and being responsible for 100 people I quitted. Since 2011 I am a free consultant for digital business strategies with really a lot of very challenging projects and a fine network – but it’s time to take the next step. It was time to found future flux. Together with the really inspiring partners Michael Weber and Svenja Bickert we are going to face and approach meaningful innovation projects with a social impact. No marketing, no adverstising, no sales. Solutions for a better world, based on a new way of working and collaboration.

Our homebase and think tank is still the great heimathafen in Wiesbaden. We are very happy to use a fresh new team room combined with the possibilities of the location and the creative heartbeat there. We want to change some rules, tackle the status quo and deliver a high quality of impact for our partners and customers. Let’s start the business!

If you are interested in more updates, follow future flux on twitter – there is no Facebook 😉

About Sascha

Sascha is a changemaker for social change and wants to create new solutions for a better society.