Review of the LaFutura unconference 2013 in Amsterdam

A fool with a tool is still a fool. I tweeted that during the conference day for future and trend people, suppliers and companies. It was nice to see that this tweet had a lot of retweets from other participants and also one quote on stage. But some steps back. Amsterdam is very inspiring (and wet) and the locations for the conference were amazing, from the skylounge of the doubletree hotel to the wonderful industrial pllek and to the rijkmuseum.





So there was a good atmosphere among the one hundred professionals and especially the industrial style of pllek was matching the kind of brainstuff we had to do during the unconference – which means there were no keynotes and speeches but a lot of moderated teamwork to build a framework for the future industry.

I met some interesting people with the same mindset. And besides the fact that of course there were new inputs and a rough output for the framework – i know that i am on the right way to rethink everything. In our workshop-team there were five potential customers from big companies – and i. That shows me, that we as strategy consultants and futurebrainwhateverthinkers have to break out from that boring delivering of tools and outputs just made for costumers. Using tools and tools and tools (and more tools) is not the same than rethink things in a project, reduce stuff to the pure need and use the own intuition and experience to come to results. And for me it is not possible to put that in a simple framework. Customers and projects are individual and not everything can be shown in one powerpoint slide.

If a customer is not interested to be challenged, it is not my customer. If a customer wants me to show the list of tools i can use, it is not my customer.

But, there are more and more people who agree with that and this is very inspiring to see. And for that, LaFutura was great and i am looking forward to 2014!

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