Since three years i try to be as authentic as possible in my daily work, in meetings with customers and partners and as a member of some panel discussions. There is no marketing facade, no desire for “success” – just the values and solution i believe in. It sounds easier than it is, believe me! One of these amazing effects of that behavior is that i obviously attract people with the same mindset and vice versa. Not just to share business cards or to “make” business. To match mindsets, to get in contact, to move together.

By starting the idea of MySocialCity this happened more often than the 10 years in my agency career before. On last thursday i had the opportunity to give a little speech at the special event “donnerstalk” in my co-working space heimathafen. After i did my session about a personal fail in my life another woman stands up very spontaneously a gave the audience a free and not prepared session about a difficult situation in her life. After the sessions this lady came to me and told me, that she was totally inspired from my words. I figured out, that on the one hand she is a successful manager in a private bank, but on the other hand she is engaged in social things like being happy or being healthy in mind. For me, this was a touching moment and we will meet again in the future.

For some of my readers this (maybe) sounds in a way trivial. But for me these moments are an important learning. Go your way, keep standing for your values, talk to people, move!

About Sascha

Sascha is a changemaker for social change and wants to create new solutions for a better society.