An open-minded 2014 to come

Concerning my job as a free and independent consultant 2013 was great. I am thankful for some really challenging strategy projects like a global mobility study, some workshop-based communication strategies or trend researches for future-needs of b2b dealers. Nice clients – and a handful of compatible agencies. What is more important than projects is to meet people, who share the same values and visions. And also in that way 2013 was great.

IMG_2818_kleinBut. I am just in beta and 2014 will be a year of some important changes and clearer directions. On the one hand i will sharpen my knowledge and tools for strategy development, trendscouting and consulting. On the other hand i will start some new projects full of passion and the deep belief to do necessary and important steps in my life. There is no final message now, but is has to do with social business, education and political communication. Please stay tuned 😉

So, thank you 2013 and welcome 2014. The way is the destination.

About Sascha

Sascha is a changemaker for social change and wants to create new solutions for a better society.